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Apache Training Courses From GBdirect

Apache Courses

We currently offer the following instructor-led Apache courses:

Enterprise Class Experience and Expertise

GBdirect has been running e-commerce services on Apache or its NCSA predecessor since the early days of the World Wide Web. We use Apache because it is well-understood, platform independent, reliable and securable, not merely because Apache is the Web server that everyone else uses.

All of our trainers are practicing administrators and programmers who manage the Apache web server and develop Apache based services on a daily basis.

Our hands-on Apache training courses are designed to teach students how to manage an Apache server in a way which balances comprehensive and powerful functionality on the one hand with safe, secure and reliable operation on the other.

We can also offer customised Apache training on-site at your location. Please contact us at training@gbdirect.co.uk to arrange delivery of any of our Apache courses for your company.